Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eagleman 70.3 Preview- Hot, Flat and Fast

Eagleman 70.3 in Cambridge, MD. Produced by TriColumbia. A very popular race in the 70.3 series and you can see why as the race organizers have a lot of energy and pride about it.

The swim course is not as wet as I expected. No seriously I think you can stand up and walk almost the whole course and only get half wet! It is a single loop swim that starts farther out in the river and runs down stream, not as sweet as it sounds since the outgoing leg of the swim is longer as measured by land, to account for the assistance you get from the current. Water temps. are typically warm and it is most likely a non-wetsuit swim.
Swim Exit

The bike course is well, flat. My friend Julien that raced here before said his garmin only picked up a total of 6m of climbing go over one bridge. As described by my host you go through one 'town' and one marina, thats it, all in a single loop. You do have the potential to see lots of wildlife as my host spattered off a list of animals he saw on a single ride...rabbits, turtles, eagles, falcons, blue heron....Stephen Reed even had a half eaten fish dropped on the road in front of him by a bald eagle, I guess he looked hungry.

The run course is a single loop, out at back that, like the bike, is pancake flat. It could potentially make for a fast course as long as you don't fry like an egg. Every inch of the run is very...



Tempuratures are forcasted to get up into the 90's with 0-5mph winds, it may be a day for my CEP cooling sleeves. It is good to know that TriColumbia has over 1,800 lbs of ice distributed on the run course.


Men's Pro Start list: 21 men, 6 Countries
Craig Alexander- Caringbah, Australia
Ryan Bates- Copley, Ohio
Julien Biboud- Sherbrooke Canada
Raymond Botelho- Falmouth, Massachusetts
James Bowstead- Auckland, New Zealand
Mark Bowstead- Auckland, New Zealand
Mike Caiazzo- Westbrook, Maine
Richie Cunningham- Boulder, Colorado
Andreas Darricau- La Plata Argentina
James Duff- Carborro, North Carolina
Andrew Imrie- Toronto, Canada
David Kahn- Port Jefferson, New York
Ryan Kelly- Concord, New Hampshire
James Lamastra- Rocky River, Ohio
Justin Park- Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Kyle Pawlaczyk- Orchard Park, New York
Fabian Rahn- Remchingen, Germany
Zach Ruble- Clermont, Florida
Jack Smith- Sewickley, Pennsylvania
TJ Tollakson- Des Moines, Iowa
Tony White- Corbin, Kentucky

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